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Direct Marketing
  Three-dimensional direct marketing

Direct Mail
  How to get amazing direct marketing results with magalogs!
  3 powerful and unique direct marketing formats: magalogs, bookalogs and three-dimensional packages
  8 critical mistakes direct marketers make
  Liftnotes: one key to increase returns
  Database marketing
  How to successfully use deck cards
  7 key principles to overcoming a prospectís reluctance to subscribe
  20 special insights into direct marketing to the mature market

  The Internet Issue

  11 tested and proven web marketing offer strategies
  Here's how to use offline marketing to make more money in an online world
  12 critical tactics, strategies and tips to make web marketing work for you!
  Successful web marketing:The importance of the offer
  3 Keys to profitable Internet marketing
  Your website must be a direct response marketing website

Direct Response Copy
  Benefits versus features— Here's a guaranteed way for you to sell more of your products or services 
  The power of your first paragraph
  The art of writing business-to-business copy
  Direct response fact: long letters outpull short letters
  12 ingredients for a record-breaking fundraising letter
  14 basic rules for successful direct mail copy
  7 keys for improving your offer
  3 easy ways to turn features into benefits
  8 ways to improve subheads
  A 6-step technique to grab a readerís attention
  Putting together a space ad
  Multiply your ad results with benefit oriented headlines and long copy
  3 secrets your ad agency doesn't want you to know, Part 1
  3 secrets your ad agency doesn't want you to know, Part 2
  3 secrets your ad agency doesn't want you to know, Part 3
  5 Outer envelope copy techniques

Order Forms
  An online order form can make or break you
Your order form is the most important, part 1
  Your order form is the most important, part 2

Display Ads
  How to use display advertising profitably
  Putting together a space ad

  Key points you should know about direct response television

  Radio: a strong component in direct response marketing

  Make infomercials work for you

  Creative testing

Case Studies
  Breakthrough campaigns by industry
  Breakthrough campaigns by media


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